Why we love KNX!

The KNX communication system for building automation has established itself as the worldwide standard and the benchmark in home automation systems, thanks to its numerous advantages and benefits for users. Therefore, we have tried to compile our top 5 reasons for why we love working with KNX and why we believe they should be considered for any new-build or retrofit construction project.

Close the awnings when it rains, adjust the lighting according to natural light, control the indoor air quality and maintain a constant temperature, monitor the building’s consumption or create scenes with the push of a button. All this and more is possible for KNX users. Still don’t know why we love it? Here we tell you!

Wide scope

The KNX system allows you to automate all the functions of a building, from lighting and air conditioning to controlling blinds, irrigation, technical alarms, audiovisuals, access control and scenes. Everything is available to the user directly or remotely. Both the assignment of functions and the programming of KNX devices allow full control over the installation, with the possibility of making modifications, extensions and variants precisely and quickly. KNX equipment offers this flexibility with its programming through specific software (ETS).


Thanks to KNX certification, different products from different manufacturers can be used successfully in various applications. This allows great flexibility and scalability in our facilities, favoring everything from the definition of personalized scenes to the precise programming of air conditioning, remote access through applications and compatibility with voice assistants, and many more functions. KNX provides a comfortable experience adapted to the needs of each user.

Open protocol

With 500 member manufacturers worldwide following the same standards for their products, all KNX devices are compatible with each other. It is a worldwide standard protocol open to any manufacturer, with a single programming software for all products.


Communications between KNX devices are carried out on their own bus, and many of their products have KNX Data Secure and IP Data Secure communication protocols, which guarantee effective protection of user data against unauthorized access and manipulation. authorized through encryption and authentication.


Automating means saving energy. All actions with higher consumption in the building are programmed to be carried out automatically with optimal conditions to increase efficiency and reduce consumption. For example, KNX presence detectors with brightness detection, in which case the device detects the presence and if there is enough light in the environment, if not it is activated. This achieves significant savings in consumption.

In summary, opting for a KNX installation in a building means energy savings, security in the facilities and the possibility of having infinite control options over the devices, which makes KNX the ideal automation system for any need. Do you already understand us?

If you’re currently contemplating an upgrade to your property or beginning a new construction project, we highly recommend exploring KNX. We’re here to assist you from the initial stages of planning to providing advice on retrofit solutions. Additionally, we’re delighted to offer complimentary guidance or a demonstration of the products.

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