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A guide to get started with KNX for professionals

Want to get started with the KNX technology, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!

KNX offers you a wide range of training possibilities to learn the ins and outs of our ETS software. By following our step by step education plan you will acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to easily develop automation projects with KNX.

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Step 1: Learn the basics with the online ETS eCampus

The real magic of developing a smart home project with KNX is in our innovative software, the ETS. Our online campus provides you with a great introduction to the basics of ETS so that you can easily start with confidence on your first project.

To start with the ETS eCampus you will only have to create a personal MyKNX account. Through interactive lessons and video training you will learn the basic concepts and how to set-up a project, as simulated exercises help you to deepen your knowledge.

Finished your lessons successfully (with a grade of minimum 85 %)? Congratulations! You will receive a certificate and a discount voucher to buy your first ETS Lite license. You have now gained the first insights into smart home and smart building control with KNX.

Step 2: Configure your virtual smart home device with KNX Virtual

KNX Virtual helps you to learn the basics and gain more confidence in working with KNX.

KNX Virtual is a Windows-based application simulating a KNX device. The tool does not require any investment in hardware (such as power supply, USB or IP interface, KNX devices) as you will work with virtual devices for testing with the ETS software. 

You can add different devices in your digital smart home, for example light switches, temperature control, presence and motion sensors… and develop routines.

You can easily download KNX Virtual via your MyKNX account. Simply go to our shop and add ‘KNX Virtual’ to your shopping basket. You will not be charged while finishing the order and will receive an email with a link to download the tool afterwards.

Step 3: Extend your KNX knowledge with online KNX Webinars

Want to gain knowledge about dedicated topics? Than the online webinars by KNX Association are the best choice for you. 

These online live presentations are about both technical as nontechnical matters

Simply follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions.

Webinars offered by KNX Association are free of charge and an extremely efficient way to acquire knowledge by short online presentations. 

Follow now one of the KNX Webinars!

Step 4: Become a certified KNX Partner

Ready for the first professional step? Then it is time to follow a course in one of our KNX Training Centres, which you can find all over the world! KNX Training Centres offer different courses all over the world. 

After successfully finishing a course you will receive a certificate to prove your knowledge and skills. 

You can subscribe to a certified course via your MyKNX account.

A certificate will help to increase your visibility and boost your professional career not only technically, but commercially as well. As a certified professional you become featured as an official KNX Partner on our website.

KNX Basic Course

The KNX Basic course is a training program that provides an introduction to the KNX building automation standard. 

The course covers the fundamentals of KNX, including its architecture, communication protocols, and devices. It also covers the installation and commissioning of KNX systems, as well as their integration with other building systems. The goal of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to design, install, and maintain KNX-based building automation systems.integer porttitor pretium, augue suspendisse.

KNX Advanced Course

The KNX Advanced course is a training program that builds upon the knowledge gained in the KNX Basic course, providing more in-depth information about the KNX standard and its applications.

The course covers advanced topics such as system integration, commissioning, and troubleshooting. It also provides more detailed information about the various KNX devices and their specific functions. Additionally, the course may also include information on how to program and configure KNX systems using software tools, and it may cover more advanced features of KNX such as security, remote access and data logging. The goal of the course is to provide participants with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to design, install, and maintain complex KNX-based building automation systems.

Did you know?

The KNX certificate is recognized by manufacturers, system integrators and other industry professionals as a measure of competence in KNX technology. It never expires and it’s valid worldwide!

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