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KNX Residential

Owning a smart home means extra comfort, cost-effectiveness, safety and energy efficiency. Modern networked homes based on the global KNX standard are absolutely future-proof.

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Smart homes, Assisted Living and Energy saving

KNX technology is ideal for residential projects, including smart homes, assisted living facilities and energy-saving buildings. It allows for the integration of various systems such as lighting, HVAC and security into one easy-to-use interface. This results in energy savings and improved comfort and safety for residents. Customizable and versatile, KNX is a reliable solution for a wide range of residential projects.

Full integration

Bring your whole house into one easy-to-use system – lighting, HVAC, blinds, energy use/monitoring, AV, security, door entry. All at the touch of a button on the wall, your phone/tablet, or fully automated.

For example, go on holiday and with one button turn off the lights, close the blinds, drop down the heating and turn off non-essential power. Or let your house simulate presence using minimal power open and close public-facing blinds and turn on strategic lights so no one knows you’re gone.

Blinds and shutters

Wake up to the blinds and shutters automatically letting in the sun. With automated blinds, you’re in control, included in scenes, automatic, or individually on a keypad or app

Monitors and alarms

Let your alarm do more than just security, a window contact can not only alert you to an intruder when you’re away but also turn off the AC when the sliding door or large window is open.

Monitor your home and environment, CO2 levels, energy usage and so much more.

Visualization and remote control

Put control in your hands. Turn the living room into cinema mode without getting off the sofa. Or make sure the heating is turned back to comfort on the way home from the airport. Your house, in your pocket on your phone or tablet.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Set each room to a temperature that suits you. With demand-based control use your heating, cooling and ventilation in a way that gives you optimum comfort and efficiency.


Multi-rooming in the entire house, TV and entertainment systems and multimedia components are integrated in KNX for maximum ease and enjoyment.

The integration of KNX, RTI, Bose, Sonos and much more systems can create a seamlessly automated and high-quality audio-visual experience for any residential or commercial space. KNX, as a building automation system, can control lighting, HVAC, and other systems, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment. RTI, a control and automation system, can be integrated with KNX to provide a user-friendly interface for controlling all the connected systems. Bose and Sonos, both high-end audio systems, can be integrated with KNX and RTI to provide high-quality sound throughout the space. 

This integration allows for a single point of control for all audio-visual and building systems, providing a convenient and enjoyable experience for the users. 

With the integration of these systems, you can easily control your lights, temperature, and sound with one device, making it easy and efficient to use.

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What They Say

KNX technology has transformed our home into a smart and energy-efficient living space. We love the convenience and flexibility it offers.
Mikael SMITH
As a homeowner, I highly recommend KNX for residential projects. It's user-friendly and has greatly improved the comfort and functionality of our home.
KNX technology has exceeded our expectations in terms of energy savings and customizable options for our residential project. A must-have for any smart home.


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