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KNX Commercial

If you want a dynamic automation system that connects multiple devices to provide a holistic control of your building, then KNX is the way to go. From looking after occupant well-being to ensuring operational efficiency that is flexible to your needs look no further.

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Full Building Control.

From the comfort and security of a central internal hub. KNX enables true building intelligence.

Take control of what really matters

Full central security and monitoring functions, complete assurance and control.


From conferencing and lecture halls to private meeting and online events, controlled and monitored centrally.

Lighting control

Remote controlled, automated and responsive lighting for cost effective commercial applications.

Shading and climate control

From blinds and shutters to HVAC controls – fully integrated, centrally operated or automated or fully responsive.

Monitors, alarms and visuals

Full central security and monitoring functions, complete assurance and control.

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What They Say

KNX technology has greatly improved the efficiency of our commercial building's lighting and HVAC systems. Highly recommend.
Emma Odinson
As a commercial project manager, I appreciate the flexibility and scalability of KNX systems in meeting the unique needs of each project.
Dian Annakin
KNX has been a game-changer for us in terms of energy savings, control, and cost-effectiveness in our commercial buildings. I have to admit this was unexpeceted.
Kyle Smith


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