Innovation and colaboration: KNX Association leads the future of automation at #CES2024 alongside visionary startups

Las Vegas, NV [Jan, 15tH. 2024]

Las Vegas, recognized as the world’s entertainment capital, became the global epicenter of technological innovation by hosting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, from January 9 to 12. This annual event witnessed the presentation of cutting-edge products by different companies, which mark a before and after in the world of technology.

Against the backdrop of the dazzling lights and energetic atmosphere of Las Vegas, CES 2024 emerged as a captivating platform where technology giants, startups and industry enthusiasts gathered to contribute to the next wave of innovations.

In the midst of this electrifying atmosphere, KNX Association stood out showcasing revolutionary solutions in collaboration with visionary startups. Therefore, the KNX booth in Eureka Park became a focal point of attention, revealing a range of innovative solutions ranging from intuitive lighting control to sophisticated HVAC management.

KNX’s live product demonstrations offered an enlightening experience on the versatility and ease of use of its innovations. This interactive approach not only illustrated the innovation behind the products, but also their practicality in daily life.

KNX Association further excelled with comprehensive training programs and certifications, providing an essential boost for those looking to improve their skills in smart building technology. The KNX learning and training offering emerged as a significant contribution to professional advancement in the field of smart building technology.

The meeting with the minds behind the startups was outstanding, generating discussions and collaborations that opened new perspectives on the future of automation technology. This enriching interaction underscored the vital role of collaboration and community in the evolution of the industry.

The presence of the KNX Association was revealing about the advances in the automation of smart buildings, standing out for its commitment to innovation, sustainability and connectivity.

Media Contact: Jose M. Morcillo.  KNX USA Membership & Business Development. +17869566821.

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